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Speaker Profiles

Brian Harris

Brian has been thinking and speaking into the world of leadership, management and governance for the last 40 years. He brings a winsome combination of sage-like wisdom mixed with keen futuristic insight. This allows him to be both challenging and gracious, encouraging his listeners to think courageously about what the future might be if they lead themselves well.

Jennifer Argue

Jennifer has extensive experience in the world of executive leadership and the education industry. She speaks with a calm strength, guided by a sharp ability to cut through the noise and deliver powerful insights that enable teams, leaders and organisations to move in the direction of their vision and purpose.

Jon Bergmann

Jon has been providing thought-provoking and practical communication for over fifteen years. His passion, thoughtfulness and insight works to help people and organisations think well about who they are, how they operate, and how they can plan for the future. He speaks into the areas of leadership, cultural thought, teamwork, and the future.

Tania Watson

Tania is a deep reservoir of leadership wisdom and strategy. Her research has focused on the areas of “Trust” and “Authority” in the Australian leadership context, and she speaks powerfully on any area related to leadership, strategic governance, and teamwork. You can access more of Tania’s leadership models at

Karen Siggins

Karen is an expert on leading large teams, and organisational governance. She combines her vast wealth of knowledge with a communication style that is inclusive, expansive and persuasive. She is able to draw on all of her experience to empower and upskill her audiences in ways that lead to meaningful change.